Quiescent Summer

My Garden- Mesa,AZ

Scorching summer did not come calling as it has in years past
instead, it seemed to sneak in with quiet rustling feet
between long shadows dancing on seeded rye grass
and red-ripe tomatoes hanging heavy on the vine.

The buttery summer squash gleams in brilliant sun
its giant saucers of green leaves are starting to wither
as the vegetable plants cower under the false shade
of multicolored beach umbrellas placed
beyond the lush garden’s gate.

And I with wistfulness sigh,
because its been a long and lovely
fruitful flowering spring–
from high in the mighty Mesquite
I hear the lone mockingbird sing.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Weekend Mini Challenge- Summer Solstice

12 Comments on “Quiescent Summer

  1. Thank you for that perfect image of a playful summer! I can see her tiptoeing warmly, birds in her hair, grasses caressing her feet, making all things hot and bright in the best of ways.

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  2. The names of the plants are poetry itself and the summing up with the mocking bird! sigh. I LOVE the idea of umbrellas – it also lends a wonderful quality to the garden! I hope you keep spoiling us with images of your garden throughout the season!

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