To Travel the Unknown Eternity

How many doors must one pass through
on the way to an unknown eternity
how many thresholds must there be
to find your freedom and soul’s peace
Do you walk over them with swift brevity
or relive each life lesson, never to surcease

Do some of the rooms hold glimpses
of the moments that shaped you forever
while others hold visions of the future
floating in the shimmering zephyr

Is death the final end or only the beginning
of an ancient journey filled with new wonders
of foreign worlds, unfamiliar and brimming
with well traveled roads inviting you to wander
wearing scuffed shoes from a previous life
with the weight of your past on your shoulders

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

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21 Comments on “To Travel the Unknown Eternity

  1. “Do some of the rooms hold glimpses of the moments that shaped you forever,” … this is incredibly poignant. I loved hearing you read your poem aloud .. and am touched by the emotion in your voice 💖

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  2. This is encouraging, helps me to look at life and death as an adventure or a dream.

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  3. Things of our makeup that concern us so. Will we even care when we cease? Seems already the older I get the less I csre.

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  4. A wonderful post. We should not rush through each room but take the time to explore and enjoy every one. Because, what if the final room is just a dark and empty place.

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  6. “Do some of the rooms hold glimpses
    of the moments that shaped you forever”….

    Yes! and of course, there are those houses, rooms, places that you visit for the first time and have such a strong connection with … and you wonder…

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