Splashing Respite

When summer’s blistering days creep in
Birds scratch into earth seeking a cool place to sleep
disregarding perching in the oppressive shade trees
for there’s nary a breeze to stir the leaves.

The birdbaths become their favorite sin ~
a splashing respite in scorching sun.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Grace is hosting today over at dVerse for our 8th anniversary! Come join us.

dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille Sun

48 Comments on “Splashing Respite

  1. Yes, that bit of shade and birdbath would be nice from the scorching sun. Keep cool during the summer. Thanks Linda for being part of our team and community.

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  2. I love your bird quadrille, Linda – it’s cheered me up while I’m concerned about our cat Mojo, who has gone missing for the first time ever.

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  3. I keep the birdbaths in the shade to keep the water from getting so hot. I see the small creatures down at the creek sipping, bathing – keeping cool. I like the movement in this.

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    • Thank you Toni. I keep three of ours in the shade but the big fountain is in full sun, and I guess because the water is always moving, they are in it a lot!


  4. Birds baths are a necessary thing in this dry hot summer. As the heat climbs to 104 F here this weekend. We set out a tray of water for the birds and squirrels to drink!

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  5. Lovely poem and great photo to go with it. My husband set up a line from the sprinkler system into our birdbath so that the birds always have water to drink, bathe, and cool down. If I remember when I get home, I’ll share your poem with him. I think he would like it too.

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