The Last Stand

The ancient ones huddled together
whispering secrets to one another
sending urgent silent messages
through gnarled entwined roots.

Man has lost all common civility,
through greed and his vapid stupidity
quickening our mortality as well as their own
and our planet will meet a bitter demise.

For we are the final resistance,
the last stand of majestic trees
we see mother nature’s omens,
our sap flows free as we grieve.

An ominous dawn of reckoning
is fast approaching, we see
there will be nothing left for them
but poisoned air to breathe.

As the last of our heroic friends fall
with the sound of reverberating thunder
this beautiful earth that we call home
will heave a fiery sigh and burst asunder.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse poets Pub: Poetics

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: The Tuesday Platform

33 Comments on “The Last Stand

  1. Ah, this reminds me so much of the Ents from the Lord of the Rings.
    It’s powerful how you see the trees as the ancient ones and build this narrative of the last stand. Your words are ominous but they will come to be if we do not change our ways. Well penned!

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  2. Shrewsbury Museum has a couple of very, very old boats that were carved from whole tree trunks. They were preserved in peat bogs and every time I think about them I consider how someone managed to create something with a lasting impact that over a thousand year’s later it would bring wonder, and it barely made a mark on the environment.

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  3. The horse chestnuts have a disease, ash die-back is creeping across the country, even the commercial pines have something wrong with them. It’s really scary. Your poem captures one of my great fears.

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  4. Beautifully dark image of our tree’s sad plight, as they try to stand as our final sentinels. I too have written about trees, and I lovethus one Linda. Gawd, for being an supposedly intelligent species, we are so damned stupid!

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  5. Love how the ancient trees communicate and can give warnings. Sadly we fail to heed them and the ending is just bleak and filled with darkness.

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  6. Wonderful, Linda! Whispering trees and silent messages are happening in our garden as I read this, which makes your poem all them more significant and heart-breaking. Humans are the greediest and most reckless creatures on this planet, once the richest and most beautiful in the universe – the only blue planet. I also agree with Anmol about the Ents – I’m also reminded of the song by Rush, which I shared in a post some time ago: .

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful words. Yes, it’s true. I recently watched a video on how trees communicate with one another. It’s incredible, really. I’ll listen to the song!

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  7. This is such an evocative write, Linda! I fear the consequences of climate change are already here 😦 Poisoned air has reached parts of India.

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  8. Trees speak the truth and it’s tragic the way we have blindly allowed things to progress in this direction. Technology, industry, greed….we’ve evolved in the wrong areas.

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  9. Thank you, Linda. We, as Stewards of Earth, should be aware of our physical home. But also our political, ethical, and other intangible qualities.
    I was reminded of “The Cedars of Lebanon” which were proverbially destroyed for lumber use, their final blow being the railroad usage.

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  10. I thought of the American Chestnuts a hundred years ago. One of the last of them formed the original foundation of my home. Now it’s hard to imagine a tree that could be used for foundations. They may evolve the ability to come back some day, with or without bioengineering.

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