These Hands

Hands freckled from brilliant sun,
a whole lifetime spent being a mom
wiping tears from dirty cheeks,
soothing bleeding scraped knees.

These hands, now wrinkled with age
still toiling in the garden
writing and composing
a rich life ’til another turn of the page

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille #84

37 Comments on “These Hands

  1. Your quadrille is lovely, Linda! Freckled, wrinkled, clean or dirty, hands are practical and expressive. It’s hard when arthritis or rheumatism take the joys of gardening, playing an instrument, painting, drawing or writing away.

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  2. Hands in art, and doing art, have always been fascinating. My arthritis effects my typing, handwriting, and other forms of dexterity.

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  3. There is such a beauty in old hands that sets one to thinking of all they have done in their lifetimes. This is something I think of from time-to-time, reflecting on my own life.

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