The Feather’s Gift

Beverly Dyer

She gathers feathers and broken blue eggs,

discarded treasures from the birds

A shadow box of wispy memories

are proof that life endures.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: I have been ill and missed the Tuesday Poetics- Art as Inspiration but I loved the art and managed to write one today to share on Open Link Night. Still under the wether, going to doctor this afternoon. Will try to catch up on reading over the weekend, if I am on the mend.

dVerse Poets Pub: OLN #250

44 Comments on “The Feather’s Gift

  1. Just getting over an infection from an extracted tooth myself; hugs and white light to you. Your feather poem tribute is wonderful.

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  2. Nicely measured and defined piece Linda – reading it made me feel good! Myself I’m a bit conflicted about whether the last line should begin with ‘are’ or ‘and’ Something you may have already reconciled, of course…

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