The Hand of God

Courtesy of: Robert Sullivan

Rising up from a sandy desert floor,
the Hand of God against a tumultuous sky
and though I am not a devout woman
when I see this swaying heavy saguaro
defying the laws of gravity, still vibrant and living
through dust storms, scorching sun, powerful winds
I in reverence, ponder how
others can deny the existence of God
for in nature there are astounding miracles
every moonlit aubergine night and sun-gold dusted day
leaving me dumb-founded, catch my breath gasping
in awe of His exquisitely beautiful presence.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Poetics Your Majesty

57 Comments on “The Hand of God

  1. Beautiful Linda… I’m a believer of religion, probably a spiritual person, with nature and earth, but no matter where your heart lies, compassion, kindness and friendship is the essence of all belief’s…. maybe this song and moving video depict my feelings…..enjoy the amazing voice Geoffrey Gurrumul.

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  2. Whoops… I meant to say …I’m NOT a believer of religion… but I think that doesn’t really matter, life is all about the goodness in ones soul…….xxxx

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  3. Religion, though not necessarily an opiate, for some of us it can be an impediment, rife with hypocrisy, pedophilia, and contradictions. Yet, like Ivor, many of us are spiritual, and appreciate the majesty you write about.

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    • Yes, I agree Glenn. I was raised Southern Baptist, but I consider myself spiritual and not affiliated with a particular religion. Thank you for your astute comments.


  4. I remember back in my days of being at enmity with the Creator, even to go as far as saying there is none, but still of course finding beauty in and being inspired by nature. But the majestic, the rapture of eternal connectedness cannot transmute if everything is just here by coincidence. For me, anyway. I was able to move to a whole deeper level of love when I could see that the same Hand that made those mountains and trees made me and you. I felt a divine brethren with all of creation which was impossible before, no matter how much I “loved being in nature.” Thank you for sharing this photo and poem, Linda.

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  5. Creation reveals the creator, and nothing can’t create anything. I apologise if I sound a bit preachy, but it’s only because I agree with you completely. When you look at creation (both great and small) with an eye for detail, there’s no denying the existence of God.

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