Secret Language

Jason Limberg
Used with Permission

What secret language do the reindeer speak
when tender autumn hovers, trembling
hanging in frost edged grey dawn air
a foreshadowing of frigid cold to come.

Frosted copper leaves have fallen
the towering trees stripped bare
for brittle winter ice is coming
so they hover ever closer together
as the first delicate flakes float free.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Art Flash/55 in November

28 Comments on “Secret Language

  1. I think the one on the left is saying “Next year I will pick where we spend Christmas”. Loved the idea of ‘frosted copper leaves’. Beautifully written Linda.

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  2. I would love to learn reindeer, like the Little Robber Girl in ‘The Snow Queen’. You’ve painted a picture of autumn with a silvery touch, Linda, especially in these lines:
    ‘…tender autumn hovers, trembling
    hanging in frost edged grey dawn air
    a foreshadowing of frigid cold to come’.
    You’ve evoked the Snow Queen in ‘brittle winter ice is coming’ and the alliteration in ‘first delicate flakes float free’ .


  3. I have often imagiined deer have their own secret language. Just yesterday while out for my walk, two deer were in my neighborhood munching grass. When I stopped to photograph them they could have cared less. Can only imagine their conversation.

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  4. Some really pretty imagery you have here. There’s a bit of whimsy with the thought of whispered words between the reindeer, but there’s that sliver of frost, waiting in a way that adds a somber note to the sweetness.

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  5. As you write, they are hardy animals and fall is probably so enjoyable for them. 30 degrees is nothing but a delight. I know my horse loves it. But that frigid wet and windy weather – does anyone or thing like it? Your poem hints that not even the caribou do 🙂

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