Seed in my Womb

Naive thoughts adrift on a sea of longing
in tender innocence of youth written
about love; first, lost, last and forever
and all the conflicting feelings between
for I thought I understood life
and its deeper meaning.

Looking back at those childish rhymes,
poetry was but a seed in my womb
with established roots many years ago
watered with tears from life’s wounds.

Digging deeper and deeper down
it transformed the words of youth
into a vivid flourishing garden,
where the aged poet wanders, and
is born again under the luminous spell
of a gibbous autumn moon.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets: Poetics Let us Labor

38 Comments on “Seed in my Womb

  1. Oh this is absolutely stunning! Wish you were sitting beside me as you would have heard and audible and admiring “ohhhhh” escape my lips at the end of reading this. 🙂

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  2. Let’s hear it for we aging poets who have a trove of memories, experience and wisdom to dip into. My poetry from 60 years ago belong in a folder labeled LOL.

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  3. I so get that line, Linda: poetry was but a seed in my womb. I think my juvenilia was mostly love poems. Grown-up poems come from experience. I love the image of the ‘flourishing garden, where the aged poet wanders, and is born again’.

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