Of Essence and Blind Mice


The slippery scales of passing time
snake through the tall grass of my fertile mind,
tipping the balance between dreams and reality
as I search for the essence of a writer’s life.

For life must be more than simple breathing,
and leaping through years with eyes closed,
or abiding by the rules that society imposes
And I’ll not follow the blind mice masses
nor will I be a conforming ‘normal’ soul.

As for me I’ll continue to shush
through tall fragrant fields of dried grass
a lioness, searching for a tempting feast
on which to dull harsh reality’s teeth
that bite into the very heart of me.

With hope I’ll find what I’m searching for
in dried stalks of swaying ochre wheat
and above in the green sea of flickering stars
or when October’s sanguine hunter’s moon
Shines its mysterious red light on me.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

DVerse Poets Pub: Poetics- Surrealism in Poetry

Author’a Note: Come join us at dVerse where I am hosting Poetics tonight!

24 Comments on “Of Essence and Blind Mice

  1. I enjoyed the snake imagery in the first stanza, Linda, and, being a Leo and lover of cats, the lines:
    ‘As for me I’ll continue to shush
    through tall fragrant fields of dried grass
    a lioness…’
    I also love the ‘green sea of flickering stars’ and the red light of the hunter’s moon.

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  2. Your surreal landscape was made even more poignant by the realistic touches of a writer’s ballad, and the sensual imagery.

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  4. I like the idea of you as a multifaceted writer unbound by conventional norms, gliding through the grass however the mood suits you… lovely sentiments!

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