The brilliant sun was showing signs of setting when Leona eased into her rocking chair. Her bones groaned and creaked; much like the chair who has been her only companion for many years. From the porch, she can see all the way to the craggy mountains breaking the horizon. A cow is screaming across the arroyo; she wonders if it’s the one she lost from her dwindling herd. Well, there’s nothing she can do now. Once the sun sets in the desert, biting cold comes and darkness is blacker than coal. If the cow survives the night and is still bellowing in the morning, she’ll saddle up and ride. Leona is not hopeful; most likely the coyotes or wolves will have taken the cow down. She takes a deep drink from her whiskey glass, closes her eyes and listens to the cow’s mournful song.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

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37 Comments on “Alone

  1. The opening sentences took me straight into Leona’s life – the rocking chair speaks volumes – and I like the brief but detailed description of the scene form the porch. The fate of the poor cow is so tragic and Leona is so pragmatic!

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  2. Leona is pioneer laconic for sure. Secondary to the word “arroyo”, many of us are choosing Western themes; really cool–a place where my words thrive.

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  3. The matter-of-fact and non-sentimental practicality was well delivered, even as it was heartbreaking in it’s matter-of-face and non-sentimental practicality … Well done!

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  5. This is heartbreaking, particularly since the persona hardens her heart within the reality of the situation. We the readers must too face the harshness of this night.


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  6. What a great atmosphere you create – enough detail to take us there, but also enough mystery that we have to fill some gaps in with our own imagination. That poor cow is going to have a hard night tonight…

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  7. What an excellent character sketch you’ve provided within this short story. I can “feel” her personality here…..the whiskey is the capper.

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