Blue Indigo Owl

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Mysterious blue indigo owl haunting my dreams
sharing manna from celestial heavens
perched on gilded steps of an elegant
ivory mansion, trimmed in gold

A tall woman, dressed in pure white staring
from a window on high, can it be Athena
goddess of wisdom and courage
sending an important message to me?

The gossamer veil lifts from my eyes
as she opens the majestic door
what was a dream, now clear and bright
for she radiates with goodness and warmth

A loaf of crusty bread in cradled arms
an offering to my searching soul
I take the bread of life full of wisdom,
grasping it in my delicate hands

Still warm from her oven’s sacred hearth
I hold it against my fragile beating heart
and in that breathless moment I know
this heart of mine is going to be all right.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: This was a dream I had last night. Owls are everywhere lately.

Poets United: Midweek Motif A/The moment

23 Comments on “Blue Indigo Owl

  1. the warmth (and smell) of homemade bread and the gift of an owl… It has to mean something good.

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  2. I could feel it was a dream the moment I started reading it. Owls are symbolic and guardians in the night. I believe if it were my dream I would explore the messages in the dream. I believe that heart of yours will be alright. I am glad you wrote about your dream as it brings honor to the visitation.

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