The future arrives just as water
Rushes through the fingers of time
While I’m sitting on the edge of my life
Watching and waiting
Searching for some little sign,
Hoping and praying
That I’ll ride these waves, emerge unscathed
Cherishing this life I am given.

Or will I simply vanish in a misty haze of uncertainty?

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

The line I chose to use of Kerry’s is: ‘The future arrives just as water’

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: 13 Poetic Bits of Kerry

16 Comments on “Uncertainty

  1. This is incredibly poignant, Linda! ❤️ Here’s hoping the future will be full of happiness and hope 😘😘

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  2. Catch the wave and ride, my friend! It’s either sink or swim – and you seem to have a lot of try in you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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