On the day before they left the plantation, his former owner who had always treated him well, handed Tom Cook $10. This was more money than Tom had ever had in his life.

The next day, he and his family headed northeast to Pennsylvania. They traveled for months across the mountains. Cold nights, sun blistering days, snow and rain were their only companions.

Early one blue mist morning in spring, Tom stopped, in awe of the landscape before him. They stood high atop Backbone Mountain in West Virginia. As Tom looked out over the land, tears fell and a voice rose up within him. “The rock cries out to us today, you may stand upon me, but do not hide your face.” With head high, Tom joined hands with his family as they took their first steps into a life of freedom.

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets: Prosery- The Rock Cries Out…

21 Comments on “Freedom

  1. Based on truth? What’s the origin of the sculpture? Is there any correlation? I loved the prose, but I’m left with many questions!!

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    • Pure fiction on my part. Although, one time when I had a past life reading I was told I was a black man and slave in the south and was set free after the war, and I went north to make a life for myself, but even so, it was a hard life. The sculpture is a photo on Pixabay- with no origin. Thanks Bev!


  2. Freedom from Within Freedom
    from Without sad it is that these
    West Virginian Mountains
    Offering a Promise
    of Freedom from
    Slavery are
    now such a
    Home of the
    Addictions of
    Opiates where Freedom
    Can and Will not Be Found Within..
    True without Freedom Within all there
    Rock of
    Finds Free Within..:)

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