Melancholia in D Minor

In his hands an ebony melancholia violin
and a forlorn bow with delicacy, captivates 
as it pierces my heart with indigo blue notes
seeking sweet solace, their place of rest
bleeding into the deepest part of my soul
where brassy trumpets never blare or shine
and wistful harpsichord’s music is forever rising
like a lonesome moon in the blackest of nights.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Linda Lee Lyberg is a wife, mother, artist, published poet and author. She resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband Pete (aka The Big Viking) of 24 years, and her dog, Ricky Bobby. Linda writes various forms of poetry, as well as short stories. You can read more of her works at:
and purchase anthologies containing her work here: Amazon Author Page

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