The Air Sings

The air sings to me of spring
as life’s mystery takes wing

In my untamed raucous garden
a sprout of delicate nasturtium seed,
the hardy stately dandelion weeds,

The bud of a fresh pruned rose
riotous wildflowers delight honeybees
fragrant fruit on the lemon tree

Along the grey garden wall
the snail vine lazily creeping
while baby lizards are leaping

The birth of a butterfly, new beginnings
as they all play their part in the melody
that rings out from the budding trees

It’s spring, It’s spring, It’s spring!

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: OLN

Poets and Storytellers United: Weekly Scribblings #7 This is a tribute

Author’s Note: Written in tribute to my garden and the beautiful spring season.

46 Comments on “The Air Sings

  1. Your photos are gorgeous, Linda, and your garden so colourful – it’s singing all right! I love a raucous garden. And you have lizards! A welcome respite from the rain.

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  2. LOVING these images and your words of spring. Here in San Diego, we were taking a walk in the neighborhood and someone had placed a basket of fresh picked lemons and oranges from their trees right at the edge of their yard with a sign that said, “Please help yourself.” So we did! 🙂

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  3. How funny that so far away we have the same sights—lizards, nasturtiums that have flowered all winter, bees, butterflies and roses. Spring has been precocious this year. Or winter a non-event.

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  4. A wonderful poetic dose of joy; cheers me up. We have a 55 degree sunny day in WA state, but things are only budding; a few weeks to blossom time. Things are only humming so far.

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  5. I love those untamed, raucous gardens the best, Linda! Your photos are beautiful and I can just picture all of the different hues of flowers busting out with their blooms. We’ve had a very spring-like winter this year. It was 84 degrees here today but it’s supposed to cool off by tomorrow I believe. We’re not done with our Florida winter yet. 🙂

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  6. I love all the things in your beautiful garden. Is spring that far along in Arizona!
    …riotous wildflowers delight honeybees…

    A great way to describe wildflowers!

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