It was a time of freedom- the seventies
Free love, free drugs, free to be me, free free free
Living with friends, aimless wandering
Never pondering the future
And then one night Bill Jr. came by
He wanted to share his latest find
Purple microdot in tiny squares
That would take you on a trip of your life
So my friends and I
We decide we’ll split one 4 ways
At first it wasn’t anything spectacular, at least for me
Then my three friends started tripping
Seeing lights, colorful rings, body tingling
And feeling other more unpleasant things
So I found myself saying to them ‘No, it’s not working for me’
As I spent the night waiting to come down from the high
While trying to keep at bay their fears and mine
I don’t know why but I kept hearing a train all night
as if it was bearing down on me and the other three
And what I learned from this whole scene
Is this- the only high I want or need is that of life.

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Poetics: ” Bartender I’d like to close out my Tab-oo”

Author’s Note: Amanda is asking us to reveal ourselves. This is me, it’s what happened, and I never tried acid again. These days, a nice glass of red wine is all I want.

Linda Lee Lyberg is a wife, mother, artist, published poet and author. She resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband Pete (aka The Big Viking) of 24 years, and her dog, Ricky Bobby. Linda writes various forms of poetry, as well as short stories. You can read more of her works at:
and purchase anthologies containing her work here: Amazon Author Page

18 Comments on “Tripping

  1. Oh Lord Everyone is ALWaYS
    Wanting The Drug i’m on……
    NoW i’ve Explained to them
    Time out of Time Distance
    Out of Distance Space out
    of Space no Matter too in
    Autotelic FLoW NoW
    All they have to do is
    Dance 12,784 Months in Public
    And Meditatively Write 7.8 Million
    Words of Long Form Poem in 78
    Months too.. to get
    Close to the
    i Feel
    so far
    not another
    Single Dancer
    in Public in ‘Trump
    Town USA’ Still they See ‘the Heaven in my Eyes’…
    i Wear Shades so ‘they’ have to ‘See’ Heaven as my Body instead..
    Everything i do is so Taboo.. oh how pleased i am to be so Strange
    but it
    get a bit
    Lonely in
    Heaven now
    BacK THEN
    but Eternally
    NoW iN HeaVeN
    WiTHIN STill ReMains Now..;)

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  2. I support your conclusion but what about those not facing life but facing death? I also support the use of psychotropic medicine for hospice/late-stage cancer patients, especially those who have not come to terms with their fate.

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    • In some ways, it was. But also, because I had become the caretaker for the group, it helped me to stay grounded, at least as grounded as you can be in a situation like that.


  3. Liked your story, though I went the other way.
    I had romantic illusions
    I was the Explorer and used all kinds.
    Even suffering was experience I had twice
    Yet consider them good as a trip
    For this psychonaut of the high no trip was bad but later sublime
    As I cleverly gave permission to my lust and desire
    It was all about experiencing different states
    Breaking your umlaut, perception, having new mind.
    But it ended, as it tends to do, in shivering sweating
    Panic attacking locked in my lousy basement
    Nothing learned in years, whole me almost vanishing 10 years in whole I tried to quit. Rehab, travelling, love and being step-dad, normal family life
    Twice, again i tried to quit myself all together. Depressions. Crushing even when sober. hypomania
    But in silence, lonely basement, meditating through detox suffering,
    Despair I had come to believe I deserved, that was my lot.
    In Silence I heard myself, after so long time.
    I asked should I end it I can’t stand it.
    First, stop using. What Do you have to lose? The Voice said in the Void of me
    Repeated, told the first step I had to take to find myself back from desert.
    I fought two more years and got into treatment, 6 months of intense self exploring.
    Community based, others mirroring.
    No taps on the head, no bullshit and masks long tolerated. We had to learn to live again.
    We had to look at ourselves truly, no more Hollywood romantic spoons
    32, past the age I promised to die. twenty-seven the magical age for users for ending it.
    420 degrees and a lot of work, I am a mess put I grow again.
    My shit and my experience I am turning into a tool
    Alone I’m weak and it’s okay. But with others I have meaning and when by help I live
    Why not make it my mission.
    38 age years, still finding my way but hey, ce la vie. Process of growth and recovering, Self-reflection, emotional opening. Slowly I am returning, and that voice in Silence, daily communing, and my compass points outwards from me.

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      • Still is 🤓. Sounds maybe funny, but I wouldn’t change it. While suffering, you are in ultimate mindfullness, it is shit that purifys us. If we have a mind to keep learning from ourselves and others even when not at the Best situation, when bad isn’t that bad is content found. Happiness is fleeting, emotions not us. Not fighting against the world and accepting.

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