Maria Sibylla Merian

Emerging from cocoons changed with wings unfurled
A new appreciation for this precious life
As we embrace the freedom our wings
Have given us to explore the world
From a different perspective
With reflection on
Kindness to others
Less greedy, less selfish, or hateful
Spreading the goodness of love to neighbors
Embracing as opposed to fearing our differences

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: This is my wish for us once Covid-19 has been conquered.

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Day 9 Words Count with Mama Zen

22 Comments on “Emerging

  1. This is a lovely poem❣️I agree with your thoughts, when all is said and done, may they be true👍🙏

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  2. I see this happening, for sure. We also have to broaden our vision to change how we live on the earth, to restore some balance and health to Mother Earth and the wild world. It’s a big job.

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  3. This change of us, the metaphor of a butterfly, I feel it and it seems many other people have also taken to this idea that we will emerge better. But imagine how different it is, how much we must be able to take, cocoon was safe and in place. For butterfly it moves and it flows and there is what will become of us,. Thank you for this beautiful poem!

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  4. There was a faint knock on our door a couple of hours ago. I went to the door , no one was there. Iooked down through the glass and saw so.ething. It was a small sack, that was the back. On the front was a long eared bunny glued there, inside was a package of five sugar cookies frosted with pastel colored frosting de orations. Two butterflies and three sugar cookies.
    We are old, my elderly sister had a bag of groceries at her door (Iowa, we are Texas).
    Sleuthing we found that the neighbor family down and across the street had left ours.

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  5. Your poem has the perfect shape for the message it brings on its wings, Linda. I live in hope of a ‘new appreciation for this precious life’ for everyone. Sitting on the inside looking out of isolation must teach humankind about all the things we wish for ourselves but don’t always give to others.

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