Tainted Life

“…witches are quite careful about what they say. You can never be sure what the words are going to do when they’re out of earshot.” ~ Terry Pratchett

Bitter salt of regret fills my shameful mouth

After the hurtful wishes I spat into tense air

Their razor thorns have pierced your heart

As I see brown eyes brim with tears, spilling

All my rampant fears come rising up

As I stand here speechless, ashamed

To say ‘I’m sorry’ seems so trite, so insignificant

For it breaks my heart to see you cry knowing it was I

Who broke the smile of your sweet soul

‘Tis a memory I’ll have to live with

For the rest of my tainted life

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: April 2020 Days 16-20 When Good Wishes Go Bad

Skylover’s Word List: Salt

8 Comments on “Tainted Life

  1. Sometimes we hurt others unintentionally.. this is such a beautifully evocative write, Linda 💝💝

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  2. This is sooo nice, Linda. In my book of behavioural rules, Number 102 is that NO MAN SHOULD EVER MAKE HIS WOMAN CRY.
    I have never violated that in my almost 60 years of being with them. And I don’t ask for that in return for women, though I’ve been several victims. Perhaps too, we might be deserving of some correction and chastisement.

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