A handsome Pup

Ricky Bobby aka Bubba
Mesa, AZ

Cats were once my pet of choice
With their grace and aloof manner
I, their servant night and day fulfilling every whim
Electric fountains to encourage them to sip
For they loved their running water drips
I spent long hours amused by their antics
When they deemed to grace me
With their regal presence

But then along came a little brindled dog
With a soulful air and a heart as big as God’s
A handsome pup who only wanted one thing
To have the opportunity to show me love was real
For love you see my friends spills forth, overflowing
From his beautiful coffee brown eyes
Touching my broken heart, helping me to heal
Comforting me in the long dark nights

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: I’m hosting dVerse Poetics tonight so stop by and join in the fun! The prompt is Companions and the pub opens at 3 PM EST. See you there!

23 Comments on “A handsome Pup

  1. What a great photo, Linda! His nose and eyes are so adorable. No wonder he touched your broken heart and comforts you in the long dark nights.

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  2. I can understand the intensity of a dog’s affection… cats are so very different, but I always feel more privileged for even a small sign of affection from these felines… right now I have no pets, and probably will not have any.

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  3. He’s adorable, Linda. I do feel dogs have telepathy with their owner’s feelings and were designed to provide comfort. Ricky Bobby looks comfy under his blanket ❤

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  4. A dog’s unwavering affection trumps a cat every time, probably why you’ve never heard of a three cat night.

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  5. The soul shining forth in your pup’s eyes! Oh, my. I am biased, but there is no love like a dog’s love. Their hearts exist only to love us.

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