Life of Illusion

There was a time we were all
Living a life of clouded illusion,
Believing we were invincible super humans
Where nothing could touch us or alter our existence
Now in this age of Corona, that life seems so far away
For this vicious disease infects us all in unique ways
Yet from this horror, nature has been
Given a reprieve from our constant destruction
And our life of illusion is shattered
Along with our rose colored glasses

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: April 2020 Days 26-30 This is (almost) The End

11 Comments on “Life of Illusion

  1. It has indeed been an eye opener of sorts .. I just hope it doesn’t bring any more destruction than it already has. May we learn .. may we get through this together. 💝💝

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  2. Definitely some can’t see the harm, even danger, threatening.
    Rose colored glasses is too mild for the way some carry on.

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  3. So strong and well said. None of us know the future so I choose to hope for a positive outcome 🌹🙏

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