If Only

Bella, Day 5
Mesa, AZ

“An owl is mostly air.” 

― Ursula K. Le Guin, Out Here: Poems and Images from Steens Mountain Country

If only I could fix this broken path mankind trods

Remove sharp stones and stumbling rocks

From their opaque eyes that blind them

To the silver cord of divine binding

And like a row of stately dominoes,

If one creature falls, we all do

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: Bella is here today for the 5th day in a row but I am worried about her. I fear she is ill. I was literally 3 feet away from her when I took this photo. Her eyes concern me. I called
Wild at Heart Rescue this morning and a man came to try to capture her, but she flew away. She didn’t go far; to the neighbors pine tree. But he told me she may have eaten a poisoned rat or mouse. People, please, please do NOT put out rat poison! Let nature take care of itself, it will, trust me. My heart is breaking if Bella dies because of this. The gentleman did tell me that she will most likely return here because it’s obvious she feels safe in my yard. And we can pray she makes it through this. One of three things will happen; it may be a mild case of poisoning given her strength to still be able to fly and she will recover, she will return here weakened and then we can, by the grace of God rescue her, or God forbid she will die and I will never see her again. There is medication they can give her if the rescue happens in time. So please, all of you that are following this incredible adventure- PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR BELLA.

dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille #104 Oh, we’re in a Fix

44 Comments on “If Only

  1. I pray that Bella will be alright. What a great photo and opportunity to see this creature up close in your home. More blessings to come!

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  2. Wild life have a way of communicating with their eyes as well as our domestic animals. You have created a special bond with Bella and she knows it. Hopefully, she will pull thru this.

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  3. I love this insight, “blind them

    To the silver cord of divine binding

    And like a row of stately dominoes,

    If one creature falls, we all do.” And bless your tender heart as you reach out to ailing Bella–who obviously feels your love!

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  4. kaykuala

    At least you tried Linda! It is just sad to think that solving one little problem may cause a disaster to nature’s blessings!


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  5. If one creature falls we all do, so true. I am sorry to hear about your feathered friend. I will put an intention out there tonight for Bella’s safety.

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  6. Until we all figure out, that, were all in this together, and do what we can, for our selves, as well as each other, this situation we find ourselves to be in, won’t ever, improve.

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  7. Lovely verse, – the row of stately dominoes – is a terrific image. Best wishes for owl – (how lucky you are to have met this fantastic creature in your yard – she looks huge).

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  8. A wonderful connection you have made with this beautiful creature. She obviously feels it too. I hope she will be ok.

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