#Haibun: Pinnacle

As a leader of a team of people, I encountered challenges every single day. Every person had their unique personalities and as such, opportunities for development. This is the story of one.

John(not his real name) was someone who led a team of people and reported to me. We had grown close during our many business trips together and shared details of our lives. I had lost someone I loved in my life unexpectedly, and so had he. We both had the same thoughts about spirituality. Yet, I sensed within him a deep seated anger and bitterness about what his life had become. In essence, he was lonely and lashing out at others because of his anger and loneliness.

There came a time when I had to sit down and have a very serious conversation with him. Although I’ll never forget that day or the 3 hour conversation that ensued, I don’t recall all the words I said. Looking back I was operating on pure instinct. I conveyed my philosophy of life- the five choices we all have in situations. Three are positive and two are negative. The three positive choices are accept, change, leave. The two negative are complain and sabotage. I let him know he needed to choose the path he would take because we would never have a conversation like this again, and the next time a situaiton such as this arose, I would have to fire him. It was one of the most difficult conversations I’ve ever had.

Months later, John came to me. He wanted to tell me he had met someone and they were in love. And then, he thanked me for caring enough about him to help him change not only his attitude but in the process, his life. He said, “You altered the course of my life, and are responsible for helping me find happiness. Thank you.” Those words were for me, the pinnacle of my long career, and meant more to me than he will ever know.

blazing summer day-

tears revealing a changed man

love is love is love

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

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Linda Lee Lyberg is a wife, mother, artist, published poet and author. She resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband Pete (aka The Big Viking) of 24 years, and her dog, Ricky Bobby. Linda writes various forms of poetry, as well as short stories. You can read more of her works at: charmedchaos.com
and purchase anthologies containing her work here: Amazon Author Page

23 Comments on “#Haibun: Pinnacle

  1. What a wonderful story…..and how astute of you, even though your were “operating on pure instinct” to talk with him about 5 clear choices he had in front of him. Far too often supervisors simply call in someone and call them down….tell them what they are doing wrong….and have a negative conversation. This serves usually to only provoke anger, resentment, and deepen the problem. It sure makes the individual feel they never want to open up to the supervisor. You presented a clear path and left the choices to the individual. It may have been pure instinct on your part, but then I would label that instinct as empathy and caring. Wonderful characteristics for a supervisor to have.
    And then to have the individual come back….having changed for the positive and reaffirm your conversational style as a supervisor….one shining moment indeed. My guess is, there are many others who you have affirmed in your career….even though they may not have told you.
    The haiku is a wonderful example of a traditional haiku….the hyphen marks the shift. I might even say that “blazing summer day” could represent the difficulty and anger and bitterness the individual had going into that meeting….IE a metaphor for that. And then the shift from nature to the personal. So very well done. I love the challenge of a traditional haiku and you’ve handled it beautifully….just as you did that conversation you had with this person! Well done all the way around!
    Thank you for posting to the prompt!

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  2. Wow! Linda! You are so right about how wonderful it is to know you have made such a lifetime change in someone’s life!! You are so blessed, Dear!!

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