Cat in Space

Turns out the man in the moon
is a grey tiger cat stalking his prey
the entire glorious universe in his eyes

As I float through star-studded microgravity air
he bats me about with his sharp talons bared
trembling furry haunches, ready to pounce

Once he leaps, I bounce, bounce, unfettered
higher, higher until-
I am only a tiny speck of humanity
insignificant in the nothingness
of deepest blackest space

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

The Sunday Muse #117

Linda Lee Lyberg is a wife, mother, artist, published poet and author. She resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband Pete (aka The Big Viking) of 24 years, and her dog, Ricky Bobby. Linda writes various forms of poetry, as well as short stories. You can read more of her works at:
and purchase anthologies containing her work here: Amazon Author Page

22 Comments on “Cat in Space

  1. Yes, are we merely a toy of the universe, batted and clawed. You have given me much to think about.

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  2. I LOVE this interpretation of the prompt. Just awesome, Linda, the “entire glorious universe” in the cat’s eyes.

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  3. Great! The man in the moon is a hungry cat who bats us out into deep space. I hate it when that happens! Very creative of you too!

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  4. Oooh–love the idea of being the gamepiece rather than the player. Well…I don’t love it; just intrigued by it.

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