Black Cows Look Better in the Shade

Black cows look better in the shade 
Your sleek long tail swatting horse flies away
Come waltz with me under a hot molten sky
I’ll wear my sexy red dress that kisses my thighs
And caress your sweet cheeks with my gentle sighs
While we bellow a bold tune to a burgeoning full moon
In this colorful peyote dream as we soar high
Skipping from sparkling star to star as we croon.

©2020 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: I had a little fun with this. The minute I saw this image, all I could think of was the old 80’s song “Black Cars” and it stuck so I went with it.

The Sunday Muse : We’ve Got Cows And Footnotes #127

20 Comments on “Black Cows Look Better in the Shade

  1. A little peyote and a whole lot of fun! I don’t remember the song, but if I ever had seen Gino, I would never have forgotten him!

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