I awaken to graphite skies and rain
trickling down foggy window panes
dripping from lacy yellow green leaves
of the weeping mesquite tree

Caught in this state of ambedo~

The beauty of solitude is profound
life’s eggshell fragile mystery abounds
when trying to grasp the tangibleness
All that you find is elusive emptiness

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poetics: Bridges

Author’s note: Day 27 of National Poetry Writing Month

35 Comments on “Ambedo

  1. You took my breath away with this one, Linda! Such beautiful, beautiful use of language 😀 especially; “life’s eggshell fragile mystery.” Sigh 💝💝

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  2. I love the vivid sensory images that express the external, bridge the appreciation for it with a trancelike state that takes you inward. Skillfully conveyed and like your nebulous conclusion, Linda.

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  3. I won’t mention the eggshell imagery except to say that I agree with and amplify all the previous positive comments.
    I also had to go Googling “Ambedo” (after I read this outstanding piece) and then I had to come back and read it 3 more times, trying to truly appreciate its greatness.

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  4. Ditto exactly what Bjorn said! I especially like these descriptive words “graphite skies and rain
    trickling down foggy window panes” Graphite is the perfect word for some of the gray gray rainy days….and so much more effective than the word “gray”!

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