Rare Gift From The Rain

Rain Lilies in my Garden- Mesa, AZ

Every cloud has a silver lining.- English Proverb

Pushing up through water logged earth, 
Long emerald leaves bowing from 
The ponderous weight of heavy rain 
Tender shoots absorb precious water, 
Creating buds that soon will bloom
Filling the weary water-starved garden
With a delightful miraculous sight
Of delicate painted pink beauties  
As dainty rain lilies blossom
In a fairy-like abundant array
Delighting glistening tear-drenched eyes
With a rare gift from the onslaught of rain

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poetics: The Proverbial

21 Comments on “Rare Gift From The Rain

  1. I hadn’t heard of rain lilies; one learns a lot out here on the trail. So many in our group are gardeners it seems. I snap photos, but my brown thumbs keep me out of the garden.

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  2. We have had the rainiest July I ever remember, but it does help the growy things! Glad you liked the Holly Cole song at my place. I like your Billie. I never understood what was so great about her, but I inherited a best of cd and put it on one night while doing dishes and the penny dropped, suddenly i got it. Now I love her.

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  3. So beautiful, Linda. Nature can be harsh and terrible, but it can be beautiful, too.
    Those rain lilies are gorgeous. They look like happy flowers. 😀
    (This Billy Holiday is perfect.)

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  4. Linda, what a profound message the blessed rain revealed to you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen rain lilies before. Oh how beautiful this life that springs from the desert is.

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