After a Dog is Gone

It is easy to forget that in the main we die only seven times more slowly than our dogs.- Jim Harrison- The Road Home

Some days drag on forever and night never comes
Leaving me yearning for darkness where dreams live on
While others slip away in a furry flash of light
and out of the corner of my eye I see you

Happy- prancing in morning sun, chasing butterflies
curiosity shining in mischievous eyes, living life
No thoughts of tomorrow but only today
a love so sweet, so tender and always remembered

And though your life was short compared to mine,
you left behind a broken heart that will only mend
with another faithful companion and friend

©2022 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Poetics- Opening Sentences of Famous Novels

Author’s Note: Come join us today at dVerse for Poetics where I am hosting. We are writing poems inspired by opening sentences of famous novels. I chose the sentence by Jim Harrison, one of my all time favorites. The pub opens at 3 PM EST.
This poem is dedicated to Ricky Bobby, “Bubba”, who we lost in January 2021. We had almost 17 years with him, and they were so precious.

Ricky Bobby- “Bubba”

43 Comments on “After a Dog is Gone

  1. Ah, Jim Harrison. I spent two nights drinking with him in a bar in Grand Marais, MI. He had his dog Rose with him in the car and we went out to see her. The friend I was with had an English setter and they talked a lot about grouse hunting. Rose was in a bad way having been attacked by a coyote I think it was. And I think she died shortly after. What year would this have been? I know it was 12 years ago maybe, at least 10. It was very fun meeting him. He died a day before my grandson was born 6 years ago, so it was probably 12 years ago. I have a camp about 15 miles from his. At the time, it was my full time home–I was teaching in Northern Michigan University. I didn’t tell him I was a writer because he hated being approached by anyone wanting anything. And cried all the way home both nights. He recommended a red wine called Tempier Bandol–halfway inexpensive French wine (for him). Bordeaux. It’s a treasured memory… he loved his dogs.

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      • Yeah. I was really fortunate and he liked us because we didn’t ask anything of him. I really loved his writing (even though at times I was mad at him for various reasons — not enough character development — all his characters sounded like him. And it felt like gratuitous sex. But he had a command of the language that was fascinating. He actually graduated from the same high school I did, much earlier. Haslett, MI, small town outside of East Lansing. He was best friends with a guy who was also best friends with my parents (they never socialized–my parents being conservative and Jim being so irreverent, I am pretty sure Randy knew they wouldn’t get along.) So many connections. When he was in college and I was in high school, he really loved one of my best friends’ fathers who was a professor at Michigan State U. He was putting a new roof on his house, and I remember pulling in to get my friend for high school and these guys all sort of hooting or staring. But never met him until running into him in Grand Marais. Though I did go to a reading once and had him sign a book in Traverse City. He was drinking a full bottle of Bordeaux wine while he was reading. Horizon Books. Well, enough nostalgia. Great memories of him.

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  2. Not much of a dog man myself, Linda, but I loves me some fine tributary poetry and THIS is how it is DONE. Thanks! And thanks for hosting the cool prompt.

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  3. Awwww, look at Rickey Bobby! I know you miss him. I miss my old fur babies every day. But Zacky–like your Jackson–is a great heart healer. Each is different, and precious, and worth it.

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  4. Awwwwww, seventeen years with Bubba. How lucky you were. And now Jackson is full of joy because of you. I love this poem……….

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  5. Love the close Linda! It echoes the ‘best friend image’ that leaves a void with expectations of a likely replacement. Great prompt Ma’am!


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  6. Wonderful opening banner and one to remember. I hope it is so. Your poem describes the bonding and the pain very well. Have you seen that movie, “A Dog’s Purpose.” One of the best — and biggest tearjerker — movies ever about our bonds with our furbabies. I’m so happy Jackson has stepped in for Bubba ❤

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  7. I have loved many dogs and shared my life with them, and it always breaks my heart when their time here ends…you have said it very beautifully here: the love and regret and the memories we live with keep them always in our hearts.

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