Tanka: A Beautiful Mess

Come frolic my love
cool Spring breezes whispering
hot passion stolen
under bright stars canopy
sway my darling, to our song.

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Paper and Lead

With paper and lead
writing thoughts left unsaid
broken loves, angel’s wings
fractured hearts

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Haibun: Linger


An evening meditation gives me the gift of a rainbow. Behind my veiled eyes, the colors burst forth in a brilliant promise of hope and love. I linger here, in the colors of my mind, waiting as they fade and disperse into the ether.

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Desert Spring



The desert is blustery today with winds whipping dust devils into a frenzy. The seed feeders sway in the sudden gusts as love birds hold on like colorfully dressed children on a swirling carnival ride. Fuchsia Bougainvillea bracts scatter on the desert landscape, landing far from the feet of their mother.
The hot winds hit my face as if I am taking a fresh baked pie from the oven.
The Spring gales foretell a long, hot brutal summer.

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Sweet heart o’ mine, hear my yearning plea
staring into your star struck eyes
give me absolute hope, set my soul free
to soar high in clouded lapis sky.

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for the dark my darling
when we have the somber night
our wicked sins.

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Haibun: Joy



Writing has always been my passion and the place I go in search of myself. A year ago, I walked away from my career to venture into a new, unknown world- the world of poetry, stories, and blogging. I have learned so much in such a short time. I didn’t know a haiku from a tanka from a pantoum or a sonnet. I am fortunate to have wonderful followers, many who have and continue to be, my mentors. I keep spreading my wings as a poet, as it takes me to worlds I never knew existed- all in my mind.

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