#Haiku 31: Tree

Betwixt earth and branch
Banyan tree grows airy roots
Defying nature.
Copyright © 2017
Linda Lee Lyberg

Haiga Heaven Challenge

Haiku Horizons


#Tanka: What Is Love

Savage heart ponders
When desire runs rampantly

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Morning Praise

sculpture of an angel with dark background

She sings

A song of praise

To God in the heavens above

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Copyright © 2017

Linda Lee Lyberg


Feeding Frenzy

Love birds tree
Sunny new day
Intense heat once again
Love birds feeding furiously

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Tangled In Love

Detail from church in Norway

Tangled In Love

-Linda Lee Lyberg

My heart such a mess
As it jangles in my chest
Who is this honest man
That took my soft hand
And made a statement so grand?

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The Truth of love

39193985 - old paper and fountain pen
The Truth of Love
-Linda Lee Lyberg
Words so stark on papyrus
From my bleeding quill
A sonnet of love so amorous
As my emotions gently spill

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#Tanka: Life & Fun

The life of a fish
Swimming free in the ocean
Games of hide and seek
Around colorful corals
Darting in and out, fish fun.


Copyright © 2017 Linda Lee Lyberg

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