Let Go

act oneI have let go of my old life. You know the one. The life where I got up earlier than God, rushed,rushed,rushed. Worked all day, and part of the night. Jetted to somewhere different, worked in a different location, a different city. Encountered harshness no matter where I was. There is little chivalry in an airport. Each man or woman fighting for their own space. Seldom reaching out a hand to help. And if you reach out to help, they view you as a suspicious character. Same song, second verse. Rinse and repeat.

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Love: a long time ago

moon and love


-Linda Lee Lyberg

Old feelings rise to the surface

Tears threaten to fall

My heart aches from emptiness Read More

L’oggetto che Parla (The Object That Speaks)

JesterThe cool dark interior of the antique shop is a welcome respite from the summer sun. As the door closes behind me an insistent voice whispers inside my head, ‘Come to me, I want to tell you a story.’ I turn around, expecting someone behind me. No one. I dismiss it as my overactive imagination.

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-Linda Lee Lyberg

You touched me

And I will never be the same. Read More

The Encounter, 1988


The Encounter

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Your eyes beckoned to me, begging, pleading

To be loved the way I wanted to love. Read More

The Apartment

Paris apartment
The Apartment – with the geraniums in the window boxes

The pale gray light of a rainy dawn creeps into the room. In my jet lagged stupor, I briefly forget where we are.

The breeze from the fan brushes against my cheek soft as a lover’s caress. I roll over and wrap my arms around the man I have loved for what feels like an eternity, drifting back to sleep.
The shriek of a high/low police siren startles me out of my slumber.

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At Last, 1987


At Last

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Standing in a darkened hall

Hesitating, yet hearing your heart’s call.

At Last a kiss,

Oh what sweet release!

Will this euphoric feeling

Ever cease? Read More

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