The Veil

Eye Light
The Veil
-Linda Lee Lyberg
The veil between this life you see
And that of immortality
Is as thin as paper if you believe
There is more to this reality

Not only this visible earth
Where we all must live
There is also a spiritual realm
Where our souls will give
Guidance to our God
Whoever that may be
On the lessons we must learn
So we may be free
From judging, bigotry, and hate
We must look for the good
In every living breathing being
Before it is much too late
To live in peace with our brothers
Today, tomorrow, and hereafter
We should first learn to trust
For man must rely on each other
To lift us to a higher place
Of peace, humility, and charity
A world where these,once understood
Is filled with infinite love and clarity.


Copyright © 2017
Linda Lee Lyberg



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