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Summer Day to Night

summer morning shine-wandering breeze liftingthe brim of my hat summer afternoon- scorching waves break still aircicadas singing summer evening-stifling heat as day endsblack ravens take wing summer midnight-cool wind rustles treetopsan owl hunts for prey dVerse Poets Pub: MTB Haiku Sequence

Beneath Thorny Brambles

“All things that have form eventually decay.” -Orochimaru”  ― Masashi Kishimoto There beneath thorny brambles a tuft of soft fur devoid of life a scattering of chalky bones all that’s left- remnants of a tiny soul With those final dying breaths, did her mind hasten… Continue Reading “Beneath Thorny Brambles”

I am the Shadow

“I like on the table,when we’re speaking,the light of a bottleof intelligent wine.” ― Pablo Neruda I am the shadowcast upon the tableby an emerald bottleof rich ruby wineveiled in haunting moonlightripe with the juice of blackberriesdark as the earth’s terra I am an enigma… Continue Reading “I am the Shadow”

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