Inception of Day

“My gentle lover whose tender touch gives me pause to wonder; how one caress can so deeply cause; my very soul to tremble, at the mere thought of your hand upon me again.”- Linda Lee Lyberg


The room is brisk and chilly. I am awakened by the sounds of the wind chimes clanging in the cool pre-dawn breeze. I lie still in my comfortable, toasty bed savoring the first sounds of the day. I visualize this new day, as I want it to be; I know in my heart it will be. I force my eyes open and look up at the ceiling. I can  faintly see the glow in the dark stars  above. We have our own little universe in the warm sanctuary of our bedroom. This comforts me.

The dawn light from the window reflects off the ceiling fan blades as they move, stirring the cool air. The low hum of the fan’s motor is hypnotic and lulls me back into a light dreamless sleep. I wrest free of my drowsiness when I hear a persistent sound, faint but clear. The sleeping dog between us is dreaming and growling in his sleep. What is he chasing? The ever elusive black crow that taunts him in his waking hours? Are the brilliant green love birds who frequent the feeders calling his name?

‘Who needs an alarm clock own a pet,’ I muse.

My husband snores as I turn to him in the darkness where the dawn’s ethereal light is the only illumination. I can smell the thick musty sweetness of his breath as it wafts in the cool air. He stirs, as if in a dream. My hand reaches out, feeling his strong arms lying against the silky covers. I trace the shape of his well-defined muscles with my fingertips. If only he knew how precious these unrehearsed moments are.

I hold this thought for a moment and breath in the scent that is us. His gentle snoring halts and he reaches out to me in his slumberous state. With the innocence of a child he caresses my tousled hair. Heat radiates from his fingers as they become tangled with my hair. Astounding, his fieriness. Norwegian blood running in his veins.

We kiss; I taste cotton candy, pink, thick and elusive. In this single shimmering moment when our lips touch, we are one and I am complete.

Soulmates, forever. Blessed beyond belief.

My heart abounds with love, ready for this wondrous day and whatever it brings. I recite my prayer of gratitude not only for what is but for what will be.

God is good, God is great, God is LOVE.

God is here in this bedroom.


Linda Lee Lyberg

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