Elfje: Hope



Elusive dreams

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The Hand Of Fate

69591500_sThe letter arrives in a nondescript parchment envelope, with the words- You’ve Won! where the return address should be. Ravinia has never won anything in her life. She almost throws it away, assuming it’s junk mail. ‘Doesn’t hurt to look,’ she thinks. Inside- a single page, with the words, Join us! along with an ornate invitation shaped like the Hand of Fatima, in colors of gold, green,blue. The blue eye of protection stares back at her from the palm. Shocked, she drops the invitation to the floor. Who could know? Picking up the invitation, she turns it over looking for clues.

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Singing Lessons

Wood thrushNatty loved to sing. She wasn’t any good at it, but she sang anyway. When she was younger, her grandmother told her “Sing the words in your normal voice child. You’ll get it someday.” Her grandma ought to know;she was a blues singer in Vaudeville. Traveled with an act from town to town, singing to small and large crowds. Grandma Nora had a voice like a caramel coated apple; dark, rich, yet tart, juicy, and sassy. Natty longed to know how it felt to sing in front of a theatre filled with people. All there to hear you sing.

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