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Amor Amargo (Bitter Love),1986

rain heart

El favo es dulce, mas pica la abeja.”- Spanish Proverb

(He that will not endure the bitter will not live to see the sweet.)

Amor Amargo

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Gone are the days of youth

Reality has crept in

My heart you no longer soothe

To love me now

Is a sin.

For bitter is the pain of loving

I hope today it finally rains

To wash away the endless pain

Of my soul and heart crushing.

Now I see you for what you are

A lonely empty man

You were once my shining star

On whom I could depend.

But today for me all hope is gone

As I grow stronger day by day

Yet once, long ago

Love was strong

But now it has

Withered away.


Linda Lee Lyberg

withered rose


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