#Senryu: Grief


I sit with my grief

Constant, silent companion

Comforting presence.


Linda Lee Lyberg



Fade To Grey

infinite time concept. twisted clock faceIt’s amazing how what appears to be the most insignificant moments turn out to be life changing. A series of unconnected events which catapult you into a new, unexplored existence.

All it took was reading one entry in a journal from 30 years ago: ‘Tonight I met the most interesting man.’ Continue reading


EscapeShe is late,so late. Trying her best not to panic. He hates when she is late. It makes him uncomfortable, angry, distrusting. She does not understand why.
Pulling into the drive, the house is pitch black. A sigh of relief escapes her lips; he must not be here.
Puts the key into the lock, steps in.

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