Truest Truths

This then is my truest of truths:
I miss you in my waking hours
when night is gone and morning comes
for then there are no magical dreams
to which I may once more succumb.

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The Lake

She walks with angels on a misty shore.
The morning is damp and cold, but she does not feel it.
As the frost smoke rises over the glassy lake, she stops, reflecting.
At that moment, a magnificent large mouth bass escapes the water, breaking the silence.
Its powerful leap sends echoing waves to the lake’s sandy edge. As they lap,lap,lap and caress her bare feet, she looks at the angels, her eyes aglow with a far off memory.
“I caught the biggest fish of my life right here. “
They laugh, “We know. Your joy soared all the way to heaven. God walked around with the biggest smile on his face all day long.”

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