And I Fell

He captivated me with his voice singing clear and strong,

While his fingers strummed a melody on the beat up guitar

One look into his bluest ocean eyes, so crystal calm,

And I fell… And I fell…And I fell…

Although the time we loved exploded like a brilliant shooting star

Leaving jagged scars…Leaving jagged scars…

The only memories left are the remnants of a broken heart,
And the dulled remembrance of his dazzling smile.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Real Toads:

Photo via Good Free Photos

31 Comments on “And I Fell

  1. Oh I remember the brilliance of that falling and the long heartbreak after….leaving a heart-filling memory, on the remembering……..there is a dark blackbird heart in my past that I never really stopped loving. I love this poem. Truly, one we loved more.

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  2. It’s like that, Linda. I liked the writing, I hate the story. I had the glorious upbeat followed by the crashing down by the depressing words, “I’m leaving.” Been there done that, good while it lasted then a real bummer. I’ve had to learn trust all over again, I guess after 45 years things might be okay.

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  3. Ah, that heartbreak is so well rendered in your words — the flight of love which makes us soar higher and higher can lead to the not-quite-happy ending. Love the repetition giving it a nice rhythm like a long wail. I feel the “dulled remembrance”.

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  4. It is terrible at the time but a broken heart is an experience that can help us realise that we can mend and find anoher fish in the sea…hopefully one even better!

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