Grand Design

Miracles occur every day if only we choose to see
God gives us heaping dollops of  beauty and majesty

It takes a sprinkling of imagination, with spoonfuls of hope and love
to understand his grand design, when he mixes from above

People of every shape and color with beliefs in their God,
whether it be Jehovah, Buddha, Brahman, or Allah
And in the rising hours, we should see we are all one

The common element in our beliefs, the one secret ingredient
that should bring us all together, is the wish for world peace

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poetics:

26 Comments on “Grand Design

  1. “God gives us heaping dollops” … Boy, is that the truth. We just have to appreciate all that has been given to US, and not worry about what someone else has or what we used to have or what we wish we had instead. Our specific, and precious, dollops are enough, and just right if we focus on what we’re holding.

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  2. Should be, but won’t any time soon. Our Frankenstein technology has become a weapon to divide us indefinitely. But yes, there are small victories here and there and they are what we ought to focus on and grow in ourselves.

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