Snowfall of My Mind

Ponderous clouds roiling, signs of an internal storm
soon the dark thoughts come, wrecking inner calm 
in the snowfall of my mind

For here it is forever winter, this room so dark and dreary,
reserved for grey grief and hopeless heartache,
into this space confined

But sometimes it escapes, and pours into all the cracks
of my joyous peaceful demeanor and
in this place frail bliss is blind

When the whiteout comes, bringing the emptiness
melancholy scenes run rampant
in the snowfall of my mind

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

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12 Comments on “Snowfall of My Mind

  1. I enjoyed reading your stories about your dad. It has really helped give me a whole new perspective on my relationship with my dad (which is also non-existent). I never looked at it the way you have…it has helped me. Thanks for sharing! My dad is still alive surprisingly. He has always smoked pot  and did his share of drugs. He was also an alcoholic most of my childhood and into adulthood. Unfortunately, I am a recovering alcoholic but fortunately i am almost 20 years sober. He gave me things and money but not himself. I am learning forgiveness and empathy for him now on my journey of healing. He is doing pretty good for 75. He lives alone which he prefers and I don’t talk to him that often anymore since I moved to another state. My memories of him are just him being drunk or high, flirting with my friends and any other women, his short fused temper, dirty looks he could give, and a time when he beat my mom. I know I have better ones but it’s hard to find them right now. I am farther along in that than I have been in the past. Thanks again! You are a very gifted writer!  Sincerely,Sharon Schwartz 

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    • It brings me such joy to think I have helped someone to see a situation in a different light. Thank you for sharing your story. If I may give one piece of advice- call him. He won’t be here forever. Take care-sending you peace and light.

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