The Magic of Decay

These decaying leaves
hold mysteries of life, death, and rebirth
a miraculous blend of science and magic
sustaining where they recklessly fall,

creating a patchwork blanket 
to warm tiny seeds yearning to anchor 
into the richness of Mother Earth.

When they begin to fade and rot,
decomposing to less than they were,
the riches they hold compound,
while feeding the new life around
nourishing each tender shoot
as they heed their death call.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub:

21 Comments on “The Magic of Decay

  1. you captured the magic of nature Linda, I felt such a pull to your poem, decay is such an integral part of the life cycle and we cannot escape it’s power. I especially love your line about the leaves falling recklessly, like in their final moments free from the tree they are allowed one moment of splendour. Through your eyes and your poetry the magic of leaves immortalised forever. Decay is now understood now as necessary.

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