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Rossio square in LisbonLove,Today

-Linda Lee Lyberg

The scars upon my soul
Are impressions from the past
A road map of my loves
That left me less than whole.

There’s the road to him
The one I first truly loved
The impression he has left
Has faded but never dimmed.


Then there is the troubled star
That once shined true and bright
The bluest eyes to swim within
But in his wake the deepest scar.


Now there is you and only you
In all your Brave Lion splendor
You took my battered, broken heart
And loved away my scars and blues.
Linda Lee Lyberg


4 thoughts on “Love,Today

  1. Hello Linda! Visiting my mom & my brother Ed a few weeks past I discovered your blog on his computer. I am intrigued and very much enjoying your writing.I will be following you in Illinois. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the helmet!
    Charmed by your generous spirit!

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