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-Linda Lee Lyberg

The demons of grief
Stand at my heart’s door
Scratching and biting,
Always begging for more.

The noise is deafening
In my head as they plead
Give us tears and heartache
Make your soul bleed.
Their greedy eyes feast
On my beating heart’s pain
Their hungry mouths beg
Feed us- again and again.
Give us more tears
Slake our endless thirst
Feed us until your heart
Finally breaks and bursts.
But I won’t give in
Not today or tomorrow
For I refuse to feed you
Anymore with my sorrow.

Linda Lee Lyberg


Copyright: bowie15 / 123RF Stock Photo


21 Comments on “Hunger

  1. Dear Linda, You have painted a perfect portrait of the demons of grief hounding the soul! We can feel them haunting us in your words! And the best part is the insightful reveal at the end – “For I refuse to feed you
    Anymore with my sorrow.”

    Liked by 1 person

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