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The Truth of love

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The Truth of Love
-Linda Lee Lyberg
Words so stark on papyrus
From my bleeding quill
A sonnet of love so amorous
As my emotions gently spill

Upon your open heart
That beats within your breast
My words I will impart
To know we are so blessed
For we have found a love
That has lasted through the ages
For God in his wisdom above
Wrote upon our life pages
The souls of one another
So we would always know
And recognize each other
No matter where we may go
So in this life or any other
Finding our true love again
Longingly looking at one another
And needing no words to explain.

Copyright © 2017 Linda Lee Lyberg


Copyright: scorpp / 123RF Stock Photo

15 thoughts on “The Truth of love

  1. The mind of a poet creates beautiful words needing to be read again and again. I can relate to this – when my wife and I met, we knew without any doubt that we had loved each other in previous lives. This is so lovely Linda, thank you 🙂 <3

  2. A lovely love poem… long-term love poem! You’re having an affair in your poem with the one you’re already committed to. I understand that in those words. Many married couples carry on life long flings with the ones they are married to!

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