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Tangled In Love


Detail from church in Norway

Tangled In Love

-Linda Lee Lyberg

My heart such a mess
As it jangles in my chest
Who is this honest man
That took my soft hand
And made a statement so grand?

One day you’ll be my wife
I’ve never seen him before in my life
He is so bracingly bold
Yet truth be honestly told
He is a magnificent sight to behold!


A broad-shouldered Viking
His mighty stature to my liking
My heart clanging beat,beat,beat
His lips look so temptingly sweet
When our eyes fill with fiery heat.


With Thor by his side, he makes his move
And kisses me to ultimately prove
That we are one from this moment on
No turning back, now forever drawn
To my Viking love and his forceful brawn.


Copyright © 2017 Linda Lee Lyberg


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