Morning Glory

Path in blooming garden

Morning Glory

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Ambling through this splendid morning
With the cool hint of Fall in the air
The earth so colorful with flowers adorning
A stone path I stroll without care.

Beauty is all around us
If we take the time to see
The mysteries of life abound
In the butterflies, birds, and bees.


Butterflies represent transformation
As birds trill in the soft dawn hours
Bees enlighten on the wonder of creation
Making honey with nectar from flowers.


God in his perfect design
Has given us all we require
Nurturing us with His love divine
He will fulfill every need and desire.


If we only welcome him in
Into our quiet hearts he’ll stay
He’ll wash away our bitter sins
And sweeten all our days.



Linda Lee Lyberg


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35 Comments on “Morning Glory

  1. If we only welcome Him in… What wonderful words. When you are a preacher’s kid you learn quickly that it’s a blessing to let Him in. I was never forced into accepting or believing. I learned from the example of my mom and dad.

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