Charmed Life


Charmed Life

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Early on in her innocence
Grief became her recompense
Easing the constant pain
Finding comfort yet again
In the sweetness of her tears.

She cries for all her loneliness
And all the utter senselessness
Of one lingering moment in time
Remembering her love sublime
Yet no one ever hears.


She longs to love again
To dance as leaves in the wind
She has so much to give
She only wants to live
And have love embrace her fears.


Linda Lee Lyberg

15 Comments on “Charmed Life

      • Ah. I used to do grief counseling for a home-visitation hospice. I taught people that grief is not something you get over, nor can you get around it. Grief is a horrible mountain through which you must go. Each day you work on your tunnel through grief. Here’s your spoon.

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      • Exactly. You never get over it, you get through it. And in the process learn how to live with it because it’s always there, lurking. I bet that was a tough job. Kudos to you for being brave enough to do it, Charley.

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      • I was often at the home before the funeral directors. It is something I “go clinical” on. Perhaps that’s why I write either humorously or… well, writing I keep under wraps.

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  1. I understand. The rawness of grief is sometimes too real. I’ve written some things here about it. It’s a shape shifting beast that hits you when least expected. Wednesday will be 6 years since my mom passed. That’s on my mind too I suppose.


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