Acrostic: If I Could Not Fail


If I could Not Fail

-Linda Lee Lyberg

If I could not fail

France would be my home

I would find a tiny town

Cottage in the countryside with a covered portico

On a rustic dusty road

Under an endless azure sky

Learn French and Italian

Don my favorite dress and walk to town

Never stop writing and dreaming

Open my heart to new experiences

Trust the universe more

Food, glorious freshly picked food, cooked simply

Abide with the love of my life beside me

Indulge every one of my senses

Love forever.


Linda Lee Lyberg



8 Comments on “Acrostic: If I Could Not Fail

  1. An Acros Tic – DREAM
    Dream, chase it!
    Reach out, make it your
    Endeavour, belevie it,
    Acuate, your dream!
    Move failure to the side!

    Dance, party!
    Risks bore fruition.
    Exciting future now
    Adoring partner.
    Made it, good on you!

    I am the Dreamcatcher, 🙂
    This one is for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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