Acrostic Manifesto: Embrace Life 2018



Remember this girl

you are half sea.

No one ever asks

the ocean to quiet her storm

so why do you keep apologizing for yours?” pavana

In 2018, I will:

Encourage-  My creative spirit through writing and art

Meditate- Pray, visualize, expect the best for my life

Ban- The dreaded bra from my life forever- let the girls live free! Continue reading


#Acrostic: Free of Ego


-By Linda Lee Lyberg

Flowing meditations

Revisiting confluent thoughts to

Embrace the flow of this river of life, waiting for

Encounters of chance and happenstance

Of letting go and LET IT BE

Free to take me on this soul-full journey

Ego-less, in earnest-ness, with eager-ness

Graced by love



Linda Lee Lyberg

Acrostic: If I Could Not Fail


If I could Not Fail

-Linda Lee Lyberg

If I could not fail

France would be my home

I would find a tiny town

Cottage in the countryside with a covered portico

On a rustic dusty road

Under an endless azure sky

Learn French and Italian

Don my favorite dress and walk to town

Never stop writing and dreaming

Open my heart to new experiences

Trust the universe more

Food, glorious freshly picked food, cooked simply

Abide with the love of my life beside me

Indulge every one of my senses

Love forever.


Linda Lee Lyberg


#Acrostic (double): Critical Change

Critical Change
-Linda Lee Lyberg


Cutting words voiced
Rip through a sensitive soul
In haste without thought people hurl
The words that hurt, not heal the wound
Insensitive fools plod on in ignorance
Caring not for other’s feelings or ideas
And never care about the damage left
Lack of concern for their fellow man.

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